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Visiting Alsace

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Throughout the seasons and events calendar, Alsace surprises us; sometimes gourmet, festive or cultural, sometimes natural or sparkling; but always appealing! The smallest region in France, it vibrates with the rhythm of emotions! Visit and explore the region throughout the year: from feudal chateaux to Romanesque churches, from beautiful half-timbered houses to romantic ruins perched on the ridges in the Vosges, from narrow streets that snake through ancient neighbourhoods to prestigious museum collections; we invite you to discover them all!


Come to Alsace for open air breaks or a more romantic setting, when the summer and autumn overlap providing the most poetic of landscapes. Alsace: it’s also the irresistible charm of the Wine Route, a legendary itinerary of discovery and its villages full of flowers which never fail to seduce. Our smiles match the warmth of our welcome.

Monuments steeped in history, artisan workshops and ‘trendy brands’, bric-a-brac and antiques, exceptional museum exhibitions, new shows or traditional festivals…There are so many events which come together in the historic streets of Alsace’s main towns, Strasbourg, Colmar or Mulhouse and at the heart of the most prestigious cultural centres.

During your trip here, we will show you unmissable sites, from the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg to the Chateau du Haut-Koenigsbourg, all passing by the rolling Vosges mountain range. And if you take a guided tour, you will catch a glimpse of Alsace’s best-kept secrets, the Vallée de la Bruche, Sundgau or the Pays des Trois Frontières (the three borders region)… Come to Alsace for a trip full of passion and emotion.

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