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Visiting Alsace

Your culinary adventure

Alsace is a region of food lovers! Its reputation for good food is its showcase, just like its famous Alsace Wine Route. This is a gentle tourist itinerary, from north to south, which will show you the best of our culinary and wine-making traditions.

The Alsace Wine Route, a legendary itinerary

The Alsace Wine Route snakes through valleys and along hillsides to the feet of the Vosges, covering more than 170km. Elegant vines, villages surrounded by ancient ramparts, age-old half-timbered houses, Romanesque and Gothic churches or Renaissance fountains, ruins of proud chateaux from the Middle Ages or even wine cellars offering wine tastings; the stage is set…

A firmament shining with stars in the Alsatian sky

Famed for its gastronomy, Alsace should be proud of its chefs but also of its territory which supplies them with an almost unlimited palette of ideas from which to draw inspiration. Whether in a family-run traditional restaurant or a more modern setting, Alsatian cuisine is an invitation to indulge. Alsace counts more than 28 Michelin-starred chefs who surprise, seduce and enhance Alsatian gastronomy, competing in creativity.

Alsace has its fair share of stars! Several Alsatian chefs sign their exceptional menus under the ’Etoiles d’Alsace’ (Stars of Alsace) banner. Don’t wait any longer to discover their super-gourmet offers!


The Alsatian Winstub, for friendliness and warmth

The very name reveals the nature of winstubs as authentic venues with warm, panelled interiors. A bistro like no other, wine bar and inexpensive restaurant, with its friendly atmosphere, the winstub is one of the most atypical examples of French gastronomy.

You will find tastes from the past, simple food: potato galettes, liver dumplings, Baekeoffe, la tarte flambée…  while eating shoulder to shoulder on wooden tables covered with red checked tablecloths.
No advice is needed, inspiration will guide you. From the north to the south of Alsace there are almost 100 winstubs lovingly laying out their red-checked tablecloths.
And let us not forget the region’s artisans: bakers, pâtissiers, chocolatiers, confectioners, jam makers. In the tradition of the greatest chefs, they feast the eyes and use their extraordinary creativity to delight the palate. Local shops as well as virtuosos of ‘sucrées’…