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Your first professional experience

One of the prime concerns of universities in Alsace is helping facilitate your entry into the working world. A variety of resources are available to help make your first professional experience a success. Find out more below!

Traineeships in Alsace

With more than 15,000 trainees at the start of the 2013-2014 academic year, from CAP (Certificate of Professional Competence) students to engineering specialists, traineeships are valued highly in Alsace! Traineeships help students apply their theoretical training to real-life situations in the workplace. A traineeship is one of the most effective ways for a student to gain professional experience that is tailored to companies’ needs. Practical training is a significant advantage for trainees, who acquire experience and enjoy the benefits of an employment contract and a salary commensurate with each trainee’s age and level of education. In addition, a variety of financial aid options (including support for transport, housing and work-related equipment) are available to make life easier for trainees. At the end of a pre-professional or training contract, employment rates are high and most students find a job fairly quickly.


The Alsace region has also created a robust programme to encourage cross-border traineeships. This allows you to carry out your practical training in Germany (Baden-Württemberg or Rhineland-Palatinate) and attend your theoretical courses in Alsace. The advantages of cross-border training are clear: it becomes much easier for students to enter the job market in Germany and opens up new professional opportunities.

Work placement in Alsace

A work placement  is one of the best ways to facilitate the job search process after you have finished your studies. The skills you acquire during a work placement will make all the difference in finding a job. Would you like to secure a work placement during your studies? Stages-alsace.net provides a wealth of information and work placement offers from companies. The primary purpose of the site is to strengthen ties between secondary and higher education institutions in Alsace and the business world.

Academic services and job fairs

Helping students find employment is a major concern for universities, which have developed special services to offer students guidance and support for entering the workforce. The aim of the Information and Guidance Service (SIO, Service d’Information et d’Orientation) at the Université de Haute-Alsace and the Career Planning Service (Espace Avenir) at the Université de Strasbourg is to provide guidance, information and support to help you find the right work placement assignment or job. A variety of job fairs and career forums are held throughout the year, offering additional guidance and support. The Alsace Tech Forum is the largest recruitment fair in Eastern France. It is specifically set up to help you meet working professionals, build a network and find a traineeship or job. Other job fairs are held throughout the region, including the Regional Employment and Training Fair and various Career Days.