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Student life

Between all your courses and exams, you’ll need to carve out some free time! By choosing to study in Alsace, you’ll be able to take advantage of a high-quality study environment in fun, lively surroundings!

A wide range of cultural offerings

Take advantage of your spare time to discover the extensive variety of cultural activities Alsace has to offer. Our museums are a must-see while you’re in the region: we have around 250 of them! They include the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Strasbourg, the Automobile Museum (Cité de l’Automobile) in Mulhouse as well as the Unterlinden Museum in Colmar.

A large number of concerts are held throughout the year in the region in music venues such as La Laiterie in Strasbourg, Le Noumatrouff in Mulhouse and Le Grillen in Colmar. And there’s no lack of festivals either, including L’Ososphère, an electronic music and digital arts festival and Les Décibulles in the summer.
You can also take advantage of a number of discount cards offering special deals on opera, theatre

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Sports and physical activities

Need to blow off some steam? Make sure you’re getting some exercise! An extensive infrastructure throughout the region makes it easy for you to play sports and stay physically active: gyms, stadiums, swimming pools and a number of other facilities allow you to have fun and get in a good workout at special student rates!

SUAPS (the Department for Physical and Sports Activities) offers a wide variety of sports activities for students at all levels (from beginners to competition-level) for only €15 per year (free for new students and scholarship students).

Student clubs and associations

Alsatian universities offer a very wide range of clubs and student associations. These organisations are run by student volunteers and are extremely active in campus life. They offer:

  • A large number of services (photocopying, past exam papers, dining halls, etc.)
  • Unforgettable events and concerts
  • A range of cultural and sports activities
  • Humanitarian and sustainable development activities as well as academic-related events such as  conferences and fairs.

Nightlife and entertainment

Every Thursday night, the area’s bars and nightclubs are the perfect place to unwind and enjoy one of the many lively student parties.

In Mulhouse, the Shamrock bar and the Chevaliers Teutoniques bar are the hottest student hangouts. Later on, you can dance the night away at the City Hall club or one of the city’s other nightclubs.
In Strasbourg, students flock to the river and its nightclubs located on boats, like Le Rafiot, where a good time is guaranteed for all. The city also has a large number of bars. The Académie de la Bière serves a variety of good beers in a friendly atmosphere.

Happy hour et alsatian cuisine

Many of Alsace’s bars and restaurants offer happy hour specials and all-you-can-eat deals that are perfect for those on a limited budget! Make sure to chow down on some traditional Alsatian specialities such as tartes flambées (flame-grilled tarts). What better way to unwind with friends after your exams?