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University programmes in Alsace

Alsatian universities offer a range of exemplary academic opportunities. The diversity and quality of academic programmes available in Alsace are a decisive factor in attracting students.

A wide variety of academic programmes

The Université de Haute-Alsace and the Université de Strasbourg are both part of one of the most attractive campuses in France. With over 1,000 academic programmes on offer, this exceptional campus caters to a range of disciplines, including cutting-edge fields of study in engineering.

Alsace is home to a dense network of higher education institutions. Today Alsatian students can choose to study at:

  • One of the region’s two universities: UHA or UNISTRA.
  • A large number of lycées for BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) technicaldegrees.
  • One of Alsace’s five University Institutes of Technology.
  • One of our art schools, including Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin (HEAR) and Le Quai.
  • One of the 14 schools that make up the Alsace Tech network.

Cutting-edge, high-quality education

Alsace Tech is a network of 14 engineering, architectural and management schools based in Alsace. It includes 12 engineering schools as well as the Ecole Nationale d’Architecture de Strasbourg (ENSAS) and the Ecole de Management de Strasbourg (EM). All of these schools are partnered with high-level, internationally renowned research laboratories. In all, the network includes more than 8,350 students in 50 fields of study.


Strasbourg is also home to:

  • Two major, internationally recognised schools of public administration: the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA) and the Institut National des Etudes Territoriales (INET).
  • The Institut d’Etudes Politiques (IEP) of Strasbourg, which offers programmes in European Studies and a master’s degree in European Politics.
  • The International Space University (ISU) offers a multidisciplinary programme in space technology and welcomes students from throughout the world.

A number of other programmes are available in the region, particularly in the health field. A dozen nursing schools (IFSI) are located in the area and students also have the choice of earning a national diploma in midwifery. Alsace also has several joint-degree programmes with an international focus: the UHA offers a Bachelor’s degree in Scientific and Technical Translation (STT) and a Master’s degree in Intercultural Management and International Affairs (ICM-IA).