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An international focus

Universities in Alsace are driven by both European and international culture. Thanks to this international focus, they have developed an extensive network of partnerships that allow you to study abroad as well as enabling foreign students to study in Alsace.

Studying abroad

Would you like to study in another country? It is easy to spend part of your course in a foreign country thanks to the wide range of international programmes offered by universities in Alsace. A variety of exchange programmes are available, including:

EUCOR (European Confederation of Upper Rhine Universities) — a tri-national campus made up of five French, German and Swiss universities. These universities work together in a variety of areas such as training and research. This network is designed to promote international exchanges by allowing students to take advantage of courses and services provided by all five member universities without paying additional tuition fees.

ERASMUS — the leading European exchange programme. You can spend three to twelve months studying in another partner university in Europe. Or you can choose to study outside Europe in one of the many universities partnered with Alsace universities.

EM Strasbourg Business School has a strong international outlook. With 202 partner universities located throughout the world, a large number of opportunities are available for students wishing to study abroad.

Studying in another country is one of the best ways to discover a different country and a new culture. This experience offers a total immersion in another country, allowing you to learn a new language and opening up new opportunities on a personal and professional level. For highly motivated students with good academic results, a study abroad experience is solid recognition of your skills and an excellent addition to your CV.

International students in Alsace

Alsace is an attractive destination with a strong international focus: more than 20% of international students in France choose to study in our region.

The network of partnerships developed by universities in Alsace allows students attending our partner universities to spend part of their studies in Alsace attending courses in a wide variety of fields. You’ll enjoy discovering a region with a rich history, culture and culinary heritage during your exchange programme. Employers appreciate candidates with an international experience on their CV.

In Strasbourg, the Association of Young Ambassadors of Alsace offers a variety of activities and a mentoring programme to help you discover the cultural, economic and social aspects of Alsace. This fantastic initiative offers endless opportunities for building a network of friends from around the world!