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Settling in Alsace

To satisfy your curiosity

Alsace is a fertile landscape that has long captured the imagination of some of the world’s most creative minds! From Vauban to Gustave Doré and Daniel Buren, whose large arches stand watch over the Mulhouse tramway lines, Alsace’s rich artistic heritage owes a great deal to artists from around the world!

In Colmar, the Musée Unterlinden demonstrates this creative past with an incredible collection of works that trace the development of art in the Rhine basin. Each year its crowning jewel, the Issenheim Altarpiece by Mathias Grünewald, attracts art lovers from around the world.

Alsace is also home to a spectacular performing arts community, with nationally renowned theatres that welcome performances that transcend the local arts scene. In Strasbourg, the Opéra national du Rhin is a world-class opera house that hosts a diverse programme of original performances every year. Another unusual fact — it boasts the youngest average audience in Europe!

In Mulhouse, La Filature is a performing arts centre that hosts a variety of bold, creative performances. It is located next to La Kunsthalle, a centre for contemporary art that provides a creative platform for young artists from the Rhine basin and the surrounding regions.

The Strasbourg-Basel-Fribourg tri-city area is a golden triangle of cultural vitality! It is home to Europe’s greatest concentration of museums, each with a wealth of breathtaking works for visitors to discover. The Pass Musées (museum pass) provides easy access to a wealth of permanent and temporary exhibits.

Alsace: a celebratory region

As you make your way along Alsace’s mythical Wine Route, you’ll discover that many of our ancient traditions are alive and well. Many villages are steeped in Alsatian folklor, to the delight of our visitors and residents. In summer and autumn, wine-producing villages host a variety of events, including picnics in vineyards, wine festivals, concerts and folk dances. The year’s most popular event is the Alsace Wine Fair, which welcomes some of the biggest names in contemporary pop music. Let yourself be swept up in the festive vibe of the music!

Music is a major part of life in Alsace. Our yearly schedule is punctuated with major events and festivals! All eyes are on the Colmar Music Festival, which always presents an exciting programme of classical music. In Alsace, fans of the performing arts are spoiled for choice. If the events already mentioned aren’t enough to satisfy their cravings, they can also choose from the Jazz d’Or Festival, the Météo Music Festival and the Musica Festival.

Although Strasbourg is the capital of Europe, it’s also a fantastic city for night owls! It has the largest concentration of bars and clubs that remain open until dawn. Between the city’s many nightclubs on boats along the banks of the river, the small, intimate clubs in the city centre and its tiny squares overflowing with outdoor patios, Strasbourg’s nightlife can hold its own against that of any major city!

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