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Settling in Alsace

For your quality of life

Alsace is home to a vast variety of natural landscapes, including forests, mountains and plains. You don’t have to travel far to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, walking and trekking. Alsace’s network of regional parks and well-maintained nature reserves makes it easy to get out and enjoy nature.

The contrasting seasons of the continental climate and the large variety of high-quality facilities for tourism and sports allow the entire family to enjoy a full range of recreational activities.

In summer the variety of activities is without end! Explore one of our cities and villages, where each cobblestone has a story to tell about the history of France, stroll over hills and through valleys as you take in the crisp, clean air, or unplug and unwind during a relaxing getaway along the banks of one of our rivers or lakes.

In winter you’ll enjoy one of the most magical moments of the year: the legendary “Christmas in Alsace”. Try your hand at cross-country or downhill skiing in one of our many cosy, welcoming ski resorts. And for the amusement of all, some ski resorts are equipped with facilities for snowshoeing, sledging, sleigh dogs and snow sports.

A blend of tradition and modernity

Our region’s reputation owes a great deal to the charm of our historic villages, our well-preserved cultural heritage and our balconies brimming with red geraniums grown in Alsace Their warm red colour adds a crowning touch to the  picture-perfect landscape.

However, the authentic charm of Colmar, Riquewihr, Eguisheim, Kaysersberg and Obernai would be nothing without the famous half-timbered houses that attest to the age-old engineering genius of Alsatian architects! As you stroll through the streets, it’s easy to imagine the many untold stories and scenes that every house, half-timbered wall and carved wooden beam has witnessed throughout its history.

And for those who love contemporary design and architecture Alsace has a wealth of surprises in store. Alsace is home to many one-of-a-kind architectural creations, including buildings and districts designed by some of the world’s most famous architects.
The parliamentary district in Strasbourg is just one example. There is also  the European Parliament, which you can visit during Europe Month, as well as the European Court of Human Rights, which was designed by Richard Rogers, an architect who has designed buildings throughout the world, including the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Millennium Dome in London and Three World Trade Center, built on the former site of the Twin Towers in New York City.

Another exciting project, the Cité Manifeste by Jean Nouvel in Mulhouse gives the city an ultra-modern, revolutionary, “garden city” feel. It is the culmination of an unprecedented architectural challenge: building high-quality housing with the same reliable, affordable materials used in industrial design.

Let yourself be carried away…

Alsace is a region that is on the cutting edge of urban transport. It is easy to move quickly about Strasbourg, the capital city, thanks to France’s largest network of bicycle lanes. With more than 560 km of cycle lanes, life in Strasbourg can be enjoyed to the fullest from atop the seat of your bicycle!

In Mulhouse, take advantage of the “VéloCité” bike-share scheme. Just hop on a VéloCité bike and enjoy a ride along the EuroVelo6 cycling route. After meandering among Mulhouse’s museums and zoo, this beautiful cycle lane along the Rhône-Rhine Canal takes you all the way to Basel.

Each of Alsace’s cities has an excellent and efficient public transport network, including buses and trams. And with our TER Alsace train links, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can rely on one of the easiest, most environmentally friendly modes of travel for your daily commute. These networks are often complemented by an efficient coach network allowing you to travel anywhere in Alsace via public transportation. 

And to make your life even easier, Vialsace, the site for soft mobility (sustainable) modes of transport in the Upper Rhine, allows you to plan multi-modal trips on both sides of the Rhine. You can create and save your customised searches on this website, which is also available on your mobile. In addition, you can sign up to receive email or SMS alerts whenever there is a bus, tram or train delay. There is no simpler way to get you where you need to go!