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Settling in Alsace

For your career

With its friendly residents and a vibrant job market, Alsace is a region that values personal initiative and curious minds. Every year, employers in Alsace recruit candidates for top-level management positions from a variety of backgrounds. An Alsatian company might be looking for someone with your experience at this very moment!

The economy and job market in Alsace

With a prime location at the crossroads of European cultures, Alsace is strongly oriented towards the international market. Employment areas are located throughout the region, allowing you to find the job of your dreams in an area close to where you want to live, whether in the city or the countryside.
Mulhouse, Colmar and Strasbourg are attractive cities. There is a wider range of jobs, both seasonal and permanent, in these areas. Every year a variety of industries hire new employees, including the service, retail, construction, manufacturing and agricultural industries.

Benefit from our proximity to Germany and Switzerland by working in these countries

Another advantage of living in Alsace is access a much wider range of jobs at European level. You can enjoy a career boost thanks to our close proximity to Germany and Switzerland. Alsace is located on the border of several strong European regions with robust economies such as Baden-Württemberg and Mittelland. Every day, nearly 63,000 Alsatian residents commute across the border to jobs located in Germany or Switzerland.

Alsace offers a wealth of exciting career opportunities for those wishing to benefit from an international dimension to their  professional experience! If you want to make sure your CV stands out from the pack, come to Alsace, where a world of possibilities awaits.

Simplifying administrative procedures

It takes a lot of time and effort to adapt to a new home and work environment. A wide variety of organisations are available to help you break down any administrative barriers, adjust to daily life in a new place and find a job in Alsace or just across the border in Germany or Switzerland.