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Settling in Alsace

For family life

Moving to Alsace means choosing to prioritise one’s professional as well as one’s personal life. Alsace is a youthful region; there are many students here and children are doted on from birth. And even before!

Early childhood care: a wide range of childcare options

Alsace helps working parents strike a balance between the working world and their desire to spend quality time with their children. The region offers a wide range of flexible childcare options that meet each family’s unique needs, including qualified childminders, in-home childcare, state-run nurseries of all sizes, parent-run nurseries, crèches and kindergartens.

In Mulhouse over 4,800 children are cared for in nearly 40 childcare facilities and at the homes of more than 1,200 qualified childminders in the Mulhouse metropolitan area.

In Strasbourg, nearly 6,000 children are cared for in state-run nurseries and by childminders within the city itself and in the surrounding areas.

To find a childcare facility or qualified childminder and learn more about childcare fees, go to:

Bilingual education: a region-wide ambition

In Alsace, bilingual education starts as early as the first year of nursery in certain schools. Lessons are taught in two languages on an equal basis: 12 hours of instruction in French and 12 hours in German. This method allows children to achieve a good level of proficiency in German, both written and spoken.

In secondary school (collège), your child will be able to continue his or her year 7 in a bilingual school close to home or the nearest collège that offers a bilingual curriculum, with a minimum of eight hours of instruction in German per week. In the last three years of school (lycée), two options are available: the ABIBAC curriculum, which allows pupils to receive a French baccalauréat diploma as well as the German equivalent, or the European section.

In Strasbourg, the home of many European institutions, and in many other Alsatian cities, children can often be heard switching between several different languages with ease. Europe is an important element of life in Alsace, which is understandable given the 45 consular offices that can be found in the area.

Recreation and leisure activities: everything you need to ensure your child’s well-being

Did you know that the ‘little sister’ of the Cité des Sciences museum in Paris is located in Alsace? Le Vaisseau is a science and technology discovery centre where children learn while having fun.

More traditional, but equally fascinating and educational, are the Museums of the City of Strasbourg which have a dynamic education department that is lauded on a national level. In Mulhouse, a variety of science and technology museums are sure to delight young and old alike, including the Cité de l’Automobile, Cité du Train, Musées EDF-Electropolis (electricity) and the Musée de l’Impression sur Etoffes (printed textiles).

Finally, more adventurous family members who love wide open spaces will be pleased to see that the Alsace region itself is like a vast playground! With its many fortresses, eco-museum, animal parks and amusement parks, including a 100% Alsatian exclusive, the brand-new Parc du Petit Prince, as well as swimming pools , everything you need for fun family outings is close to hand!