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Marie-Reine Fischer, 1st Vice-President of the AAA elected President of Destination Régions

On 29 June 2016 in Paris, Marie-Reine Fischer was unanimously elected President of Destination Régions, the French Federation for Regional Tourism Organisations.

The 1st Vice-President of Access Alsace, particularly involved in the federation since 2010 as Vice-President, took over from André Chapaveire, the Regional Councillor for Auvergne Rhône Alpes. Her election is excellent news for the Grand Est Region which reinforces its influence on the national level.

During the General Meeting in which she was elected, Marie-Reine Fischer recalled that with “160 billion per year in interior tourist consumption, the tourism industry is a major sector in the national economy” and insisted on the necessity for public and private actors to work together.


At a time when new regions are being constituted, the new President also highlighted the need to “strengthen the influence of Destination Régions and its members with the Government, Parliamentarians and Atout France”. At the head of the Federation and very attached to European values, Marie-Reine Fischer wants, in particular, to involve Destination Régions in the creation of a European meeting platform, with the aim of looking more globally at competitive offers and seizing opportunities for cooperation with other partner countries.

Destination Regions - Marie-Reine Fischer

What is Destination Régions?

Destination Régions* is the French Federation for Regional Tourism Organisations. Its vocation is, on the one hand, to make actions to enhance the tourist attractiveness of regional destinations more visible and on the other, to federate and promote the diversity of para-public structures in its network, including tourism promotion and communication institutions in the regions.

*formerly FNCRT

It is managed by a board of elected representatives, directors and honorary members.

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