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Yachts & Bicycles: Bugatti Diversifies

World-renowned for its luxury cars, Bugatti is now diversifying. The Alsatian car manufacturer has just unveiled a futuristic yacht, the Niniette 66, and a luxury bicycle, the PG Bugatti!

The Niniette 66, the first Bugatti yacht

Bugatti has unveiled a futuristic and very high-end yacht in collaboration with Palmer Johnson, the luxury yacht specialist. Inspired by the Chiron, this exceptional vessel shares remarkable similarities with the supercar.

As with Bugatti cars, customers can have their yachts configured to their specifications. To be produced in a limited production run of only 66 vessels, this luxury yacht makes generous use of titanium and carbon fibre, subtly melding power and elegance. The 66-foot-long yacht (more than 20 metres) has an ultra-luxurious interior, both in terms of materials and accessories, which is unheard-of for a vessel of this size.

The Niniette 66 is the beginning of a long collaboration with Palmer Johnson and a return to Bugatti’s roots, since its founder, Ettore Bugatti, was already making boats in the 1930s.

  • PG Bugatti Bike

The PG Bugatti, the lightest urban bike in the world

After the launch of their yacht, Bugatti continues its diversification by joining forces with German luxury bicycle maker PimpGarage to offer a very chic men’s bicycle. Baptised the PG Bugatti Bike, this urban bicycle is inspired by the first bike made by Ettore Bugatti a century ago. Made of 95% carbon fibre, this ultra-light bicycle (4.6 kg) combines cutting-edge technology with superb performance, to outstanding effect. Only 667 of these entirely handmade bicycles will be produced.