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Würth: Anniversary of a Global Brand

A world leader in installation and fixing materials trading in 80 different countries, the Würth Group is a model company whose success is born of their innovation and their attentiveness to the needs of their 3 million loyal customers… since 1967.

50 Years of Service to Industry and Artisans

Founded in 1945, the Würth Group has conserved its family atmosphere thanks to its founder, Reinhold Würth, who prioritises growth and constant revitalisation, both on a local and global scale, in order to reach one important goal: the daily satisfaction of his clients across the globe.

Thanks to a catalogue of 100,000 products, the Würth Group is the preferred supplier of large, medium, and small businesses; 30,000 of their 66,000 employees are sales representatives. In 2015, Würth achieved a turnover of 11 billion Euros, with a growth of 9%, proving the good financial health of the company.


Würth France, a giant of the Alsatian economy

Würth decided to open their headquarters in Erstein. With 4,000 employees, the German group, drawn in by the dual Franco-German culture of Alsace, is a heavyweight of the region’s economy. A true giant of the region, Würth France cemented its ties to Alsace by becoming the 1,000th company to partner with the Alsace brand.

In addition to being an industrial forerunner, the company has become a cultural innovator as well by opening its Würth France Museum in 2008. It is the 13th museum to exhibit Reinhold Würth’s collection. Alongside Bernard Arnault and François Pinault, he is considered to be one of the world’s foremost connoisseurs of contemporary art.