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University of Strasbourg: An International Approach

The University of Strasbourg (UNISTRA) is a leader in mobility and international cooperation.

Not only do international students make up 20% of the student body, UNISTRA also hosts about a hundred refugee students. At the end of 2016, Strasbourg sent out a call for researchers around the world who are in the same situation as these students. For UNISTRA, looking far beyond the French borders comes naturally.

Indeed it is so ingrained in the institution that in 2017, on top of celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus programme, UNISTRA will also be celebrating:

  • 30 years of exchanges with Cameroon,
  • the first anniversary of The European Campus (Eucor),
  • the official establishment of the Franco-Azerbaijani University in Baku.

This brings UNISTRA’s total of international cooperations to 2,000, stretching across 95 countries and including more than 750 universities.

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