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The Alsace: an international ‘must-do’

In 2015, 18,9 million tourists travelled to the Alsace. And the figures appear to support these results with the confirmation of a new trend: visitors to the Alsace are coming from further and further away.

In 2010, the famous Australian travel guide, LonelyPlanet, placed The Alsace in the world’s top 10 unmissable regions, alongside Bali, Goa or Lake Baïkal. It’s because the Alsace has no shortage of reasons to convince the most demanding tourists. And here are some of them. Strasbourg Cathedral, jewel of gothic art, the spire of which was for a long time the tallest man-made monument, and that this year celebrates the millennium of its foundation, is the second most visited cathedral in France. Haut Koenigsbourg chateau, which would not be out of place in the sets for the Lord of the Rings, the exceptional Issenheim reredos in the Unterlinden museum at Colmar, which will reopen in autumn 2015 after two years of historic restoration, the Cité de l’Automobile at Mulhouse, the world’s largest motor car museum, and of course not forgetting the wine trail, cornerstone of Alsace tourism, that runs between vineyards and the lower foothills of the Vosges mountains, where chateaus dotted along the peaks outline the Alsace skyline, or delightful gastronomic treats enhanced by the highest density of Michelin stars in France after Paris. These are the things that go to make a stay in the Alsace unforgettable.

11,5 million paid overnight stays

At here are the results. The Alsace had 18,9 million visitors* in 2015. Nearly 60% of these overnight visitors are French. Among foreign visitors, the largest number were German (29%), followed by Belgians (16%) and Swiss (8%).

And it is also attracting customers from further and further away: from the United States and China, which have increased 16% and 25%.

Tourism in Alsace


421 visitor attractions

In fact, in addition to the heavy weights of Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse, the whole of Alsace is attracting visitors. According to a study by the Alsace Observatoire Régional du Tourisme, 47% of paid admissions in 2014 were outside these three large cities: the Pfaffenhoffen museum of Imagerie Populaire, the Vauban museum at Neuf-Brisach, the abbey church at Ebersmunster, to mention only a few of the 421 visitor sites counted in the Alsace. This would seem to prove that the whole Alsace is unmissable.

* Figures from the Alsace Observatoire Régional du Tourisme (ORTA)

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