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Strasbourg: the most popular destination in France for Erasmus students

This year, Erasmus is celebrating its 30th anniversary. More than 3 million students have participated in this programme since 1987. In France, the 3rd most popular destination after Spain and Germany, the University of Strasbourg is the one that hosts the most Erasmus students!

Bringing international openness to education

While Alsace is attractive, with more than 20% international students enrolled at our universities, the University of Strasbourg is the most popular one in France. Its renown places it ahead of Science Po Paris and Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris IV) in terms of the number of students enrolled through the Erasmus programme.

Furthermore, every year, it invests one million euros in this programme. About 1,000 Strasbourg students leave every year to study abroad. Among the most popular destinations: England and Germany.

Students Alsace

European students

Loads of advantages for education

The Erasmus programme, launched in 1987, enables young people to go abroad to study. Initially in 11 countries, the programme has expanded over the years, now encompassing 33 participating countries.  The target audience has expanded continuously, as well. It now includes students from primary schools and general and vocational secondary schools, as well as apprentices and job seekers.

Studying abroad is a real opportunity for students. “Even when it is for a short while, the programme has its effect. It looks great on a CV. Erasmus alumni enter the job market faster, and when they are unemployed, they stay that way for less time”, says Laure Coudret-Laut, director of the Erasmus + France agency.

Erasmus is also a life experience. The programme “really changes students! They enhance their foreign language skills, autonomy, intercultural relations and openness to other ways of thinking and working.”