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Strasbourg: leading innovation in mobility

For nearly 20 years, the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg has nurtured a powerful ambition for innovative, connected mobility. At the cutting edge of this sector, it now has a genuine development strategy.

Strasbourg, a pioneering city for mobility

Strasbourg has always brought innovation to transportation! Boasting the largest tramway network in France with 55 km of tracks, Strasbourg now has the first cross-border tramway with no disruption of service, thanks to the extension of the tram to the city of Kehl, Germany. And thanks to its vast network of bicycle paths, Strasbourg is now the 4th most bike-friendly city in the world.

In order to allow people to change their transport habits and patterns, Strasbourg has long been working to provide bike-share services such as Vélhop, and car-share services like Citiz, and very quickly incorporated digital capabilities into mobility thanks to NFC technology.

Tramway Strasbourg

  • Strasbourg, european capital of smart mobility

A laboratory for innovative mobility solutions

A true living laboratory, the Eurometropolis is participating in numerous projects:

  • CROME, a Franco-German project which aims to standardise power outlets to facilitate electric vehicle recharging.
  • CATS, a European project that has made it possible to carry out the first self-driving car road tests on open roads.

The Eurometropolis also supports innovative companies in this sector:

  • Yea!, a new form of free-floating car sharing with no stations or reservations.
  • Cristal, an on-demand electric shuttle developed by the Lohr Industries Group.

By increasing and supporting experimentation in this way, Strasbourg is aiming to become a leading European metropolis in the development of smart, sustainable mobility solutions. With this goal in mind, the Eurometropolis has adopted a strategy based on 3 projects:

  • Hosting the 12th ITS European Congress in June 2017,
  • Creating the European Mobility Institute of Strasbourg,
  • Applying to host the KIC on Urban Mobility (Knowledge and Innovation Community) in 2018 as part of a European consortium.

“Beyond Borders” at the 12th ITS European Congress

With the aim of confirming its role as a laboratory of innovative mobility solutions across the Upper Rhine and beyond, Strasbourg is hosting the 12th European Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) from 19 to 22 June 2017. This internationally acclaimed conference brings together all of the players and stakeholders of intelligent transport systems, who are inventing the best mobility solutions of the future. The latest innovations and many experiments will be presented as part of the theme “ITS Beyond Borders”.