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Recipharm invests in Alsace

The Swedish firm Recipharm, specialising in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, has announced an investment of 18 million euros for its site in Kaysersberg, in order to increase its production capacities.

Strong demand for Blow-Fill-Seal services

Specialising in ophthalmic products in single-use doses, Recipharm’s Alsatian site will be adding a new blow-fill-seal line. This technology consists of forming, filling and sealing single-use units in one machine, in a controlled environment, to achieve completely sterile packaging of the containers.

Yves Buelens, General Manager of the Recipharm facility in Kaysersberg: “Our blow-fill-seal services are increasingly in demand on various markets, particularly in the US, Turkey, Australia and Canada, and this new filling line is going to enable us to cope with this rise in demand. ”

200 million extra doses

This new high-speed line, which will begin production in October 2017, will bring the total number of lines to eight, thereby increasing the plant’s capacity, to meet the current strong demand. 400 million doses are currently produced, but on its own, the new line will be able to produce 200 million. Three new lines are also being considered for the future, which will increase the surface area of the site from about 2,000 sq. m. to 4,150 sq. m. These changes will result in the creation of about 15 jobs over 2 years.

Recipharm Kaysersberg