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PSA Mulhouse is set to become a factory of the future

As a showcase for the automotive industry in Alsace, the PSA site at Mulhouse is undergoing a full-scale technological and digital transformation, with the aim of becoming the factory of the future. The objectives: to be one of the 3 best-performing car plants in Europe and to be in the global top 10 for productivity and quality by 2020.

PSA Mulhouse adopts the single-flow system

Single-flow production is an emerging trend, and one that PSA Mulhouse plant is gradually adopting: the two assembly lines will be grouped together to form a single, ultramodern line. This transformation is backed by an investment of 400 million euros between 2014 and 2020, with the aim of making the Mulhouse site one of the group’s two most modern factories in the world, along with that of Wuhan, China.

Several new technologies have been added to this new line: supply systems using AVG (automatic vehicle guidance), smart screw guns, tablets, smartphones, LED lighting and collaborative robots have all made their appearance in the factory, making it brighter, more ergonomic and user-friendly, but above all more productive!

The PSA factory in Mulhouse can now produce different vehicle models on the same line: the 2008 Crossover, the estate and saloon versions of the 508 and the DS7 Crossback, PSA’s new top-of-the-range SUV. In all, the line will have sufficient capacity for six vehicle models.

PSA sees single-flow production as the “organisation of the future”, guaranteeing the competitiveness of French factories thanks to improved productivity, cost reductions and maximum use of production capacity. This group is keen to see this transformation extended to all of its factories. For PSA Mulhouse, which started life in 1962, the single-flow system marks the start of a new era, with a production target of 400,000 vehicles per annum.

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