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Neustadt, now a World Heritage Site!

The Neustadt district of Strasbourg has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site! The decision was announced on Sunday July 9 in Cracow by the World Heritage Committee. This distinction has extended the perimeter from the Grande-Île district, listed since 1998, to the “new town”.

What is Neustadt?

Literally translating as “the new town”, Neustadt is a district of Strasbourg built from the late 19th century to the early 20th century at a time when Alsace was annexed by Germany. Considered one of the finest examples of Germanic Imperial architecture and urban planning, Neustadt stands out in particular for its neo and Art Nouveau buildings. Its architectural eclecticism contributes to the charm of this district boasting several majestic buildings and noteworthy sites, including the Palais du Rhin, the Bibliothèque Nationale et Universitaire and the Lycée des Pontonniers.

Palais du Rhin - Strasbourg

Art Nouveau Strasbourg

A highly symbolic status

The application entitled “De la Grande-Ile à la Neustadt” (From La Grande-Ile to Neustadt) concerned the extension of the “Strasbourg – Grande Ile” entry registered to the Unesco World Heritage list in 1988.
La Grande-Île and Neustadt together form a single urban entity characteristic of Rhenish Europe and laid out around Strasbourg Cathedral. (…) It is an outstanding urban landscape, and one highly representative of the culture of this genuinely European city, which has been the deeply significant site of past conflicts and is today a symbol of Franco-German reconciliation”, explained a communiqué from the Ministry of Culture concerning Neustadt.