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Mercedes Trucks invests in Alsace

From Germany to Alsace… Mercedes Trucks has invested in a new 2,700 m2 chassis assembly unit in Molsheim. The parts to be produced there are intended for military vehicles. The new production unit has received an investment of 2.5 million euros and created around 50 jobs.

A corporate environment favourable to this siting decision

The 14.5-tonne chassis today produced in Molsheim were formerly manufactured in the German plant at Wörth-am-Rhein, (Rhineland Palatinate). The vehicle maker chose Alsace because of its proximity to Lohr Industrie, based in Duppigheim. This company, specialising in the design, production and marketing of goods transportation systems, has a subsidiary which handles the group’s military activities: Soframe.

It is this corporate environment which explains the assembly unit’s move from Germany to France – an advantage regularly mentioned by entrepreneurs investing in Alsace.


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