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Lannier, a Leading Made In France Brand, Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

Pierre Lannier is a family business that has called Alsace home for 40 years. Boosted by creativity and by Made in France, for which they are an enthusiastic ambassador, this Alsatian company has been able soar to great heights!

A partnership with Swarovski

To set them apart from their competitors, who are often based in China, Pierre Lannier has their finger on the pulse of the latest trends.

In the summer of 2016, they signed a partnership with Swarovski and quickly saw their crystal watch climb to Best Seller status, with 60,000 pieces sold. 2016 was a record year for Pierre Lannier. They saw a 10% growth in turnover, and export turnover alone increased by 40%, Japan being its biggest overseas market.

Pierre Lannier

Strong roots at home behind the conquest of markets further afield

The brand owes this success to its market know-how which can adapt to new trends and innovations. To continue this progress, Lannier has placed its focus on a marketing strategy built on a greater presence online and on social networks in order to boost sales on its brand-new e-store, which was designed by Advisa, a specialist in e-commerce based in… Strasbourg.

Is this regionalism? No, it’s loyalty! These strong ties to their region helps the brand to preserve their family business ethos. They are proud to employ 90 people in Ernolsheim-lès-Saverne, a number that Pierre Burgun, CEO of Pierre Lannier, wants to grow by further increasing their focus on international markets and by doubling their sales outlets from Tokyo to Tehran by 2019.