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French Tech Alsace doubly recognised

On 25 July 2016, the 9 thematic French Tech networks were announced with the aim of boosting innovation and providing more international visibility to start-ups. Alsace integrates two of these networks: “IoT Manufacturing” and “Health tech”.

Health Tech and IoT Manufacturing for Alsace

On 25 July, the Strasbourg-Colmar-Mulhouse metropolitan centre integrated the “IoT Manufacturing” thematic network, including notably the industry of the future and the internet of things. This second distinction comes one year after standing out in the health sector by integrating the “Health tech” thematic network (biotech, medtech, e-health),  which is a recognition for all those who imagine, design and develop the medical devices of tomorrow.

Integrating the IoT Manufacturing network should rebalance the mix between Strasbourg and Mulhouse, as the medical sector is particularly concentrated in Strasbourg and the segment of new technologies applied to industries is centred in Mulhouse.

The industry of the future

French Tech Alsace

Why the IOT Manufacturing network?

The strength of the Alsace application is based on the historical, powerful industry in Alsace as well as an already strongly engaged transformation to the factory of the future.

“The digital transformation of industry is one of the major challenges in our economy”, believes Patrick Rein, Director of Activis, quoted in the press release. “This transformation operates at the level of products, processes and customer relations.  Alsace’s industrial tradition, and that of its Swiss and German neighbours, makes our region an exceptional place for experimentation, validation and diffusion.  The French Tech Alsace label is an embodiment of committed projects and a booster for future projects.”

Being part of these networks will give an additional boost to the dynamic trend already in place and will enable partnership projects to be accelerated to increase the region’s outreach. The aim is also to attract new start-ups and companies to the region, where they will benefit from the latest technological advances and a privileged access to the European market.

Within this framework, 2 events await you on MedTech and the Industry of the Future:

  • 15 September 2016: The Industry of the Future Trade Show (Salon Industrie du Futur) in Mulhouse will showcase the know-how and research areas associated with innovation and the Industry of the Future.