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Foreign investors enhance Alsace’s attractiveness

In 2016, 38 new relocations, takeovers or site extensions by foreign companies were recorded in the Alsace economy.

Alsace has always been able to capitalise on its assets: location, cultural specificities, superior skills, to attract and develop new projects and investments.

In 2016, Alsace was the leading region in France for the contribution of Foreign Direct Investment to regional revenue (35%), employment (26%) and exports (63%), and confirmed its leadership in the Great East by concentrating 41% of projects and 55% of jobs.

Numerous production site extensions confirm the attachment and satisfaction of foreign investors already present: Siemens, Novartis, Recipharm, ISRI, amongst others have reaffirmed their confidence in Alsace by announcing significant job creations. These major companies in the Alsace economy have been joined by a regular flow of newcomers, particularly in the mechanics, healthcare, electrical equipment and chemicals industries.