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Europa-Park to Open Multimedia Division in Alsace

Europa-Park, one of the world’s best theme parks, has chosen Alsace to be the home of its multimedia division, MackMedia.  Specialising in video production, this new office will create 50 new job opportunities by 2020!

MackMedia, home of high quality audiovisual production

The financial newspaper La Tribune  broke the exclusive story on Europa-Park settling their multimedia division MackMedia in Plobsheim, just outside Strasbourg. The company, which specialises in video production, is constantly evolving. They have gone from making promotional films for the theme park to creating grand-scale audiovisual productions such as the new Voletarium, a flight simulator that takes you on a virtual journey across Europe.

American studios like Dreamworks were the only ones capable of making a film like this, but their services were beyond our budget. That’s what pushed us to develop our own in-house capabilities.“, explains Michael Mack, the Managing Director of Europa-Park.


Voletarium Europa-Park

Alsace, a strategic setting

The new offices in Alsace will produce films for the park’s latest attractions that have become more and more technologically advanced, incorporating techniques such as virtual reality. MackMedia also plans on developing games, mobile applications, and videos for production companies and television channels internationally.

Alsace was a surprising choice, and an unexpected opportunity for the regional audiovisual and multimedia sector. Alsace’s strategic position and ease of access won over Europa-Park: it is less than 2 hours away from Paris by TGV, and 30 minutes from the park by car.