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Cisco partners with UHA

After Télécom Paris and Polytechnique, it is now the turn of University of Upper Alsace (UHA) to sign a partnership agreement with Cisco Systems.

The Silicon Valley company, whose globally recognised logo shows the silhouette of the Golden Gate Bridge, is a key player in the telecommunications industry, with more than 73,000 employees around the world and a 2016 turnover of nearly 50 billion dollars.

Since it was founded, Cisco Systems has diversified its know-how. Every year, the company’s Cisco Networking Academies programme, operating in 160 countries, trains students and certifies them at several levels of qualification.

A global leader in collaboration with the university

The partnership with UHA is very ambitious and confirms the company’s commitment to the academic world. Cisco will help the university hone its strategy for digital excellence. A change in habits from which UHA is expecting a lot:

  • training students in new digital careers and digital transformation,
  • innovation in teaching methods and collaborative working solutions.

The partnership between Cisco and UHA will take the form of living labs geared towards innovation. It will be open to all stakeholders of the digital economy. It is French-Tech accredited, which is very fitting for Alsace, and Mulhouse in particular!

Université de Haute Alsace