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3 Travellers’ Choice awards for Alsace in 2016

TripAdvisor has just published its famous “Travellers’ Choice” ranking. This year, Strasbourg, Strasbourg Cathedral and the Villa Novarina have been named amongst the winners.

  • Strasbourg comes 7th in the top 10 French destinations.
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg is ranked 8th in the list of the Top 10 Monuments most appreciated by tourists in France. This famous religious building is the highest ranked monument outside of Paris in the ranking.
  • The Villa Novarina in Strasbourg ranks amongst the 25 best hotels in France.

What are the Travellers’ Choice awards?

The Travellers’ Choice Awards are the highest honours awarded by TripAdvisor. Created in 2002, they are based on the millions of opinions left by travellers worldwide. They represent the “crème de la crème” in terms of service, quality and customer satisfaction in numerous categories: hotels, destinations, monuments, etc.

Petite France Strasbourg