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Access Alsace was created in March 2014 to boost the region’s competitiveness and raise its profile. It was based on a deep-rooted, shared desire to help economic, tourism, cultural and institutional stakeholders to recognise the level of excellence achieved in Alsace as well as the region’s untapped potential. Based on its location at the heart of Europe, Access Alsace aims to attract new resources and assets to the region, by establishing a positioning based on leadership in innovation and excellence. It works to promote all the strengths that make Alsace attractive. These lie in various spheres: economy, tourism, quality of life, education and research, culture, design, gastronomy and sporting prowess, all underpinned by the region’s international outlook.

Access Alsace’s main missions:

  • prospecting for economic investors and promoting Alsace internationally as a tourist destination,
  • assisting Alsatian businesses to develop internationally,
  • defining and implementing a communications strategy in France and abroad,
  • implementing a strategy to boost the image of Alsace in France and abroad,
  • managing and promoting the shared “alsace” brand, the “label of excellence” and the “.alsace” domain name,
  • coordinating a network of Alsatian economic partners,
  • economic monitoring and intelligence covering tourism and economic development,
  • facilitating tourism in the area through the Tourist Office network.

Brand and Networks Department

The Brand and Networks department exists to raise the profile of the Alsace brand and develop it both within the region and beyond. It is involved in coordinating projects carried out by the various influence networks (Alsace Ambassadors, International Union of Alsatians, and others) and via social media. The department manages the “Alsace Excellence” label and has been wholly responsible for setting up and marketing the new .alsace domain name.

Promotion and Prospection Department

All expertise relating to “clients” is centralised in the Tourism Promotion and Economic Prospection Department. It is used to inject new, externally generated added value into the region, by attracting new businesses or developing partnerships between Alsatian and international businesses and institutions. In the sphere of tourism promotion, the department defines an annual commercial strategy for each market and implements actions targeting professionals and the general public.

Communications and Press Relations Department

The Communications and Press Relations Department sets the communications strategy for the agency as a whole. It manages the brand usage code and supports the various departments in their projects. It works to ensure consistency between the institution’s global vision and the agency’s marketing priorities. It acts as a spokesperson for the Alsace region and manages institutional, national and international press relations.

Inbound Quality Department

The Inbound Quality Department underpins the Agency’s work to position the region by reinforcing inbound tourism. It runs the network of 49 tourist offices and manages a sizeable database of tourist information entitled “Lieu d’Echange de l’Information – LEI” (information exchange facility).

Regional Development Department

The Regional Development Department is composed of specific expertise located within Alsace Public Procurement and the Regional Tourism Observatory.
Alsace Public Procurement informs, trains and supports companies working with the public sector and helps them access the funding available to them. The Regional Tourism Observatory supplies public and private players in the tourism sphere with the information and analyses they need to operate and develop. Relevant data, analyses and reports are available at www.clicalsace.com